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October 17, 2021

Thefts in the Parliament: employees filed five complaints to Police

Situation without precedent in the Parliament of Romania. The elects and their aides had their money and even car and house keys stolen, Romania TV informs. According to the source, no less than five complaints were filed to Bucharest Police with this respect. Four of them refer to stolen money, up to the total amount of RON 3,000, and the fifth is about a set of keys. Police asked to see the video records of the Parliament surveillance cameras, which would help in the investigation. Referring to the stolen money, police already identified the supposed thief in the person of a 49 years old woman, an employee of the Parliament. She stole RON 3,000 from four colleagues in less than a month. The woman was detained and police wants to remand her. They are still looking for the person who stole the keys.

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