Regionalization, the chance to tear Romania away from communism

Deputy PM Dragnea claims that the public system is “of Soviet inspiration”
and the citizen is treated as “a courier.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Development Minister Liviu Dragnea stated yesterday in Sibiu, during a debate on regionalization, that in this period we have the chance “to definitively tear Romania away from communism” by setting up administrative regions. Dragnea pointed out that Romania’s public institutions are still in a fairly rigid system. “We find ourselves in the situation in which, 23 years after the Revolution, we have more or less the same communist public institutions. Of course, with different names, with modern names, but the same public system architecture, in many places roughly with the same shortcomings,” the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out, being quoted by Mediafax.
Dragnea subsequently stated during a press conference that he backs Sibiu as regional seat, pointing out that the city, former European Capital of Culture in 2007, has many arguments and reasons to be the region’s seat. “The decision has not been taken yet. The analysis continues but Sibiu represents an extremely serious option as seat of Region Centre,” the Deputy Prime Minister showed. He pointed out that debates the likes of the one organized yesterday in Sibiu will take place in the following period in Covasna and Brasov.
Present at the debate, Sibiu Mayor Klaus Iohannis (PNL) stated in his turn that after the Revolution “no government had the courage to modernize the administration,” adding that USL wants to modernize the state. “Sibiu was and is a city of dialogue and we will continue like this. A city that has proven, for at least two hundred years, that ethnic cohabitation leads to synergies and religious cohabitation leads to ecumenism. It’s not for naught that the ASTRA Association was established in Sibiu and in 2007, apart from being the Cultural Capital that everyone remembers, Sibiu also hosted the third Ecumenical Assembly, a meeting just as important as the Cultural Capital itself. All of this took place against this backdrop of dialogue and administrative performance,” Iohannis stated.
The Sibiu Mayor congratulated Liviu Dragnea “for the courage and determination with which he started this initiative”: “I would be happy if this process of modernization were to be taken to completion and were to lead to an efficient administration closer to the citizens and sufficiently performing to solve the problems of the communities we represent.”
The debate on regionalization was attended by approximately two hundred officials from the Sibiu and Alba counties, including Sibiu County Council President Ioan Cindrea, Sibiu County Prefect Ovidiu Sitterli, Alba Iulia Mayor Mircea Hava and Transylvania’s Metropolitan Bishop Laurentiu Streza. The debate was moderated by sociologist Vasile Dancu.
PDL could back USL draft on certain conditions
PDL Vice President Raluca Turcan stated yesterday during a press conference in Sibiu that “the Romanian left-wing, or “sinistra” in Italian,” will implement a sinister regionalization that disregards European principles in this domain and that started from the top down. Moreover, she pointed out that “PSD should not reinvent the wheel” in what concerns the regionalization, but should follow the European Union’s principles in this domain instead. “The EU principles concerning regionalization are historical/socio-cultural, geographical, economical, environment-related and population-related. PDL backs the regionalization proposed by USL on condition it will be done in line with these principles,” Turcan stated. According to her, regionalization has to be done only “to offer the citizen the best service at the lowest cost, a region has to respect the criteria for the financing of European projects.”

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