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June 26, 2022

Lucian Duta, investigated by DNA over health card scandal

The former CNAS: “Ponta should denounce himself for stalling my anti-fraud systems”.

The government announced yesterday it would notify the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) with respect to illegalities in the awarding of the  national health card contract, which resulted in the project not being implemented and damages worth over 1.2m euro committed by the former president of the  National Health Insurance House (CNAS), Lucian Duta.
The illegalities have been notified by inspectors with the PM’s Overseeing Body in a report nearly a month ago.

The control has been conducted at the Ministry of Health, CNAS and the National Printing House and dealt with compliance of the organizational and operational framework for introduction of a national health insurance card. The illegalities were committed during the CNAS presidential tenure of Lucian Duta (Dec 10, 2009 -May 8, 2012), the Dorin Ionescu’s interim period (general director, May 9-24, 2012) and Doru Badescu (May 25, 2012- June13, 2013).
The document shows that the card introduction was passed at the government session in early September 2010, via a memorandum approved by then-premier Emil Boc, originated by the health minister at the time, Attila Cseke, and the CNAS head, Lucian Duta, with card manufacturing scheduled to begin in January 2011, at a pace of 1 M cards a month, so that all the 18.5 M medically insured to be covered in 18-19 months.
The inspectors blame Lucian Duta for failing to do his duty, as he didn’t enter into a card manufacturing contract with the National Printing House, and proposed that the Romanian Post be awarded, through negotiation, and without a participation announcement, the courier contract, without however the Post holding exclusive courier rights, which caused the Printing House a loss amounting to over EUR 1.2 M.
In consequence, the government announced it would notify the DNA, Court of Audits, the National Public Procurement Authority, the Ministry of Health and that of Interior as well.
The national health insurance card is a project that should be concluded fast, mainly that the Health Ministry and the CNAS worked quite well on the matter at hand, the new CNAS president, Cristian Busoi, said on Tuesday. Former CNAS president Lucian Duta yesterday said that during his term in office, the CNAS “entered into no contract and made no payment to either the Romanian Post or the National Printing House, and pointed his finger at Premier Victor Ponta for “stalling” the anti-fraud systems he, Duta, created.
PDL MEP Theodor Stolojan yesterday called the government’s announcement as but “reheated soup” He told a press conference yesterday that the news had not just happened and ‘by any means can’t blur the difficult to assess gravity’ of a Ponta Government minister being convicted for corruption deeds by the High Court. “It’s been one year and two months since the CNAS leadership belongs to the USL and they shall answer why we haven’t got the individual health card to this day (…). This will lead to circa EUR 400 M going to waste,” Stolojan said, according to whom, “this is the problem that Victor Ponta should explain actually,” and not to announce on a Sunday that the Overseeing Body notified the DNA “for alleged deeds” that had happened by May 2012, when Lucian Duta was at the helm of the CNAS.

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