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February 8, 2023

Prince Paul requests the court of law for part of the former Baneasa Royal Ranch and compensation

Prince Paul has filed three lawsuits at the Court of Bucharest aimed at retrieving part of land situated in District 1 of Bucharest, on which the Baneasa Royal Ranch used to stand, and receiving compensation for a part of the same item of property. Consequently, Prince Paul has asked the court to legally bind the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration (ROMATSA) and the Ministry of Transport to offer in-kind restitution of 28,780 square metres, and the Ministry of Health and the National Institute for Microbiology and Immunology Research and Development “Cantacuzino” to offer in-kind restitution of 28,590 square metres of the 268,764 square metre-property known as the Baneasa Royal Ranch.
Prince Paul has also requested that the defendants be legally bound to offer items of property of equivalent value as compensation or reparatory measures, if possible. “Although the notification was submitted within the legally stipulated term, and accompanied by documents which prove that King Carol II is the rightful owner of the item of property known as Baneasa Royal Ranch, and that the undersigned is entitled to the restitution, it is still unresolved by the defendants”, Prince Paul showed in the suit he’s filing for property restitution from ROMATSA and the Ministry of Transport, according to Realitatea TV.
He has also requested the Court of Bucharest to legally bind the Research and Development Institute for the Protection of Plants (ICDPP) of Bucharest to issue a provision for reparatory measures by equivalent for the 25,642.96 square metres of a total of 204,460.379 square metres.

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