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March 21, 2023

Romania, most abrupt monthly decline of industrial output in the EU

Romania registered in May, compared to April, the most abrupt drop of the industrial output in the EU, of 10.7 pc, while the indicator diminished by 0.6 pc at EU level, according to data released Friday by Eurostat. The industrial output in seasonally adjusted series dropped by 0.3 pc in the euro zone and by 0.6 pc across the EU in May vs. April, reads a communiqué issued on Friday by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Commission. The production of durables declined by 2.3 pc in the euro zone and 2.1 pc in the EU, while the capital goods sector contracted by 1.5 pc and 1.9 pc, respectively. The energy output went up 0.1 pc in the euro zone, but diminished by 0.3 pc at EU scale, while the industry of intermediary goods increased by 0.4 pc, respectively by 0.2 pc. The production of consumer goods advanced by 0.6 pc in the euro zone, but dwindled by 0.1 pc in the EU. Among member states, abrupt decreases were reported by Romania (-10.7 pc), Lithuania (6.3 pc) and Sweden (-3.8 pc), at the opposite end being Portugal (+6.1 pc), Latvia (+2.2 pc) and Estonia (+2 pc). Compared to the same interval of last year, the industrial output diminished by 1.3 pc in the euro zone and by 1.6 pc in the EU.

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