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May 24, 2022

Self-denunciation to DNA on Liviu Dragnea’s involvement in referendum fraud

PSD Senator Valer Marian has sent to the DNA a “penal (self)denunciation” that concerns Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea. He pointed out in the document that the document “concerns the involvement of PSD Executive President and Deputy Prime Minister in organizing the referendum for the impeachment of President Traian Basescu on July 29, 2012, concerning the offences of instigating forgery.”
Invited on Realitatea TV, Valer Marian stated that he sent the denunciation to DNA by e-mail, pointing out that the directions to commit fraud at the referendum were transmitted from the highest level. Valer Marian stated that he is not afraid he could be accused of calumnious denouncement or the concealment of serious acts of corruption because no cases of multiple voting were registered in Satu Mare and there is no deadline for the denunciation of such actions. “I gave myself in, I denounced Dragnea’s instigation to commit fraud. I will present the clues and evidence to the DNA, there were several witnesses, an audio recording may surface.”
PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea recently stated that he did not talk with any voting center president about the referendum and he did not communicate with them during the July 29 referendum, pointing out that the DNA prosecutors have all evidence in this regard at their disposal. “The presidents of voting centers are not the members of any party, not even of PSD. I did not talk with any voting center president, not about the referendum, about absolutely nothing, I did not communicate with them,” Dragnea stated at the Palace of Parliament. He said that the prosecutors investigating this case did not go to the PSD headquarters in order to see the vote-counting system, but that the magistrates have all the data necessary.
The DNA prosecutors have started to prosecute 67 persons that took part in various activities that had to do with the July 29 impeachment referendum, in the same file in which PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea is accused.
According to a DNA communiqué, 49 presidents and members of voting centers from the Teleorman, Vrancea and Gorj counties are charged with being accessories to the forging of documents at the electoral bureaus and the introduction of extra ballots in ballot boxes, while 18 observers from an NGO are charged with forgery.

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