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May 17, 2022

Duta: The charges against me are ‘completely absurd’

Lucian Duta, the former chairman of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) stated that he did not receive any documents regarding the Government’s notification addressed to the Anti-Corruption National Directorate (DNA) in his case, prior to the meeting of the National Permanent Bureau (BPN) of his own party, the Liberal Democratic Party.
“I find it unusual that the only anti-fraud system in Romania, which allegedly brings citizens EUR 400 M should be blocked by the PM and his godson, the former chairman of CNAS,” Duta said, as cited by Mediafax. He added that the charges brought against him are completely absurd, seeing that his management contract as chairman of CNAS does not stipulate he is responsible for the profit recorded by the National Printing House. “Next thing you know, tomorrow, Mr PM will be saying that the field of agriculture is unproductive because of Lucian Duta’s faulty management, and, the day after tomorrow, that generally speaking, his term cannot be fulfilled because of Lucian Duta’s faulty management,” Duta stated ironically. Asked if he expects to be called in at DNA to explain his actions, the former chairman of CNAS replied: “I will probably be called in, depending on what they think needs to be done. I cannot anticipate DNA’s actions.”
After Theodor Stolojan, the former PM, defended Duta, the chairman of the Democratic Liberals also stepped in the latter’s defence. Vasile Blaga claims that Victor Ponta “is refuelling an old fire”, and shows that the Government had to make something up in order to cover the Relu Fenechiu case, “which seriously endangers the possibility of a positive CVM (Cooperation and Verification Mechanism) report on justice; this is the truth”. The leader of the Democratic Liberal Party categorizes sentencing one of the Ministers of the Cabinet (Fenechiu-n.r.) as an “absolute first” at global level, in addition to other actions carried out by the Social Liberal Union which jeopardize the CVM, such as the project to review the Constitution or the PM’s intervention in the justice system. “What do you call it when, on the exact day of the High Court’s sentence, you offer verdicts, as in the case of the Baccalaureate?” Blaga added, pointing out other risks for the CVM: issuing 161 Emergency Ordinances or the Public Procurement Law.
Yesterday, when asked to comment on the fact that the Government’s Control Department sent a notification to DNA in Lucian Duta’s case, PM Victor Ponta replied: “Yes, another one. Duta needs to go to DNA and explain himself; I hope that at some point all these thieves – Blejnar, Videanu, Duta, Traila – will be called to answer. Nonetheless, they really stole and destroyed an entire country for years. He needs to go to DNA if he has something to say.” Ponta clarified that he did not accuse Duta personally on TV, but he was referring to a state institution which presented documents and carried out a legal classification.
We remind out readers that on Sunday the Government announced DNA would be notified of irregularities in awarding the contract regarding the national health insurance card, resulting in the failure to implement the project, and in establishing damages of over EUR 1.2 million, committed by Lucian Duta. The irregularities were reported by the inspectors of the PM’s Control Department, in a report drafted almost a month ago.

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