Tragedy in the family of the Romanian ambassador to Vienna based international organisations

The eldest son of the head of Romania’s permanent mission to the international organisation headquartered in Vienna, Cristian Istrate died in a road crash, Sunday, in Sibiu County. The ambassador, his wife and youngest son were injured.

The spokesman of the Sibiu County Hospital where the diplomat was transported right after the accident, Decebal Todarita told Mediafax yesterday that Ambassador Cristian Istrate was operated of a rupture spline and is now in stable condition. “The operation went on normally. The patient is stable, under intensive care,” Decebal Todarita explained. According to the physician, the wife of the diplomat suffered minor thoracic trauma and did not require hospitalisation, so she was discharged from the Emergency Ward of the hospital after several hours. The spokeswoman of the Sibiu Children’s Hospital, Alina Mihaela Cozac informed that the youngest son of the ambassador (14) is under treatment for head trauma and spine contusion.
Ambassador Cristian Istrate was involved Sunday in an accident on DN1, in Sibiu County, when his automobile registered in Austria – which he occupied with his wife and two sons – collided head-on with a car driven by a 28 year old woman who was attempting to recklessly overtake a heavy truck. All five occupants of both cars were injured in the impact. Cristian Istrate, his wife and his son, 23, were rushed to the Sibiu County Hospital and the youngest son of the diplomat was admitted to the local Children’s Hospital. The female driver responsible for the accident was taken to the Sibiu County Hospital as well, but she did not need medical care. Later, the diplomat’s eldest son succumbed to his very serious injuries
Sibiu Police spokeswoman Luciana Baltes informed that the Sibiu Road Police Department opened a criminal probe for manslaughter against the woman that provoked the accident. “A preliminary investigation reached the conclusion that the young woman who caused the road crash had obtained her driving license less than a year ago,” Luciana Baltes said. She added that the young woman is from Cluj-Napoca and drove an automobile registered in Bistrita.
FM Titus Corlatean sent a message of condolences, in his name and on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Ambassador Cristian Istrate for the loss of his son.

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