Farmers might receive 177 EUR/ha aid for the first 30 hectares

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Daniel Constantin said that farmers might receive in 2015 an aid of 177 EUR/ha for the first 30 hectares of planted surface and 150 EUR/ha for the rest of the surface cultivated, informs. “This way, the small farmers could be encouraged to leave the subsistence zone and even register profit. Presently this is an agreement in principles which we hope we can put on paper in the near future,” Daniel Constantin said after talks at the HQ of the Ministry of Agriculture with representatives of all associations, organisations and employers’ structures of the vegetal, animal and food industry sectors.
During the meeting, officials presented the areas of intervention of the National Programme of Rural Development for the next programming period 2014-2020 and the allotments provided by the new Common Agricultural Policy. “The financial support which the European Union will secure for Romania’s agricultural sector will increase annually from EUR 1.6 bln in 2015 to EUR 1.9 bln in 2020. To these sums will be added the funds allotted from the state budget for 2014, with the support reaching EUR 440 M. “It is for sure that the European support is already set and that from the state budget can reach a maximum ceiling,” the minister of Agriculture added.
According to the minister, more than 130,000 projects submitted to the Agency of Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) are delayed because of the personnel crisis of the institution.

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