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January 18, 2022

Hidroelectrica sells 14 micro hydroelectric power plants for about EUR 10.6 M

Hidroelectrica sold 14 micro hydroelectric power plants during the international auctions organized on Monday and collected RON 46.85 M, the equivalent of about EUR 10.599 M, above the average price for which other micro hydroelectric power stations were sold, reads a release the above-mentioned company. The micro hydroelectric power plants are located in the basins of the rivers Crisul Repede, Bihor County (western Romania), Bistrita, Budac, Bistrita-Nasaud County (northern Romania), Huza, Somesul Mic and Salasele, Cluj County (western Romania), with a total installed power amounting to 9.408 MW. The winners of the three packages of micro hydroelectric power plants are: Basikdue SpA, Italy (four micro hydroelectric power stations), Mineral Oil SRL (three micro hydroelectric power plants) and Three Pharm SRL (seven micro hydroelectric power stations).
Hidroelectrica intends to speed up the privatization process of the micro hydroelectric power stations it still owns, so that, by the end of 2013, it should sell all of them. The next lot of micro hydroelectric power plants will be put up for auction most probably in September. The procedures for selling them are to start as soon as possible, informs the company mentioned before.

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