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October 23, 2021

Senator Valer Marian filed denunciation and complaint against Liviu Dragnea to the DNA

The PPDD senator, formerly a member of PSD, accuses Dragnea of fraud during the 2012 referendum for impeaching President Traian Basescu.
The senator gave journalists a document which he claims is the denunciation against Liviu Dragnea, saying that DNA prosecutors must obtain evidence and probe the accusation. Upon leaving the DNA head offices, Valer Marian (photo) said that, besides the explanations he gave along with the denunciation against Liviu Dragnea, he also testified as witness in another case against prosecutors, politicians and businessmen of Satu Mare. He added that he trusts the DNA will grant a serious approach to his complaint.
According to the senator, during a meeting with local leaders of the Satu Mare region, Liviu Dragnea asked them to convince as many voting section presidents they could, also with financial promises, to report to the Central Electoral Bureau 25 voters more than the real number.
Valer Marian announced, last weekend, that he will file this denunciation and PM Victor Ponta alluded Monday, when asked by journalists, to serious health issues the senator allegedly has. Liviu Dragnea said that Valer Marian “is a person with serious health issues,” “unhappy,” “nervous” and “angry” because he was expelled from PSD and was not designated as minister of Justice when the government was formed.
“If you analyse all his statements of the last years, starting from the fact that either he is terrorised by the SRI, or he is pursued by motorcyclists, or by Americans with helicopters, the statement about the referendum belongs to the same register,” Dragnea stated. “It is a shame that someone with serious health problems is used this way. (…) As someone with a vast experience, a former communist prosecutor, he can bring cassettes, films, anything. As far as I am concerned, he has nothing to come with. I had dozens of meetings in 2012, before the campaign, with all the organisations, with presidents, mayors and everything I discussed with them was how to better organise ourselves so that the electoral ballot goes well, which is what every politician does,” Dragnea said at the PSD headquarter. Asked about why Valer Marian was supported on the lists of PSD for the Parliament, Dragnea answered that it was one of the most serious mistakes made by the leaders of PSD.

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