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December 5, 2020

Castle of the Huniads, in Ghost Adventure series, broadcast by Travel Channel

The Castle of Huniads in Hunedoara (western Romania) is the main topic of the Ghost Adventure series broadcast by the Travel Channel that airs episodes on the itinerary of Vlad the Impeller the ruler of Walachia (1443-1476), also trying to get some real evidence of the paranormal in the halls of the Castle of Huniads, a historic monument of the 14th century, Agerpres informs. The first shooting began on Tuesday July 16, and the film producers are to stay at the Castle till Thursday July 18. The episode to be shot in the Castle in Hunedoara will be on air on Halloween, 2013. During the three days, they will shoot reconstitutions of the legends of the Castle, such as the legend of the balustrade, the Chapel’s Choir, the legend of the secret nook nearby the Capistrano Tower, the legend of the well, the legend of the flap door in the Knights Hall, and the legend of the raven. The film will show famous the Middle Age characters like Vlad the Impeller, Elisabeta Szilagy, Matei Corvin or Iancu of Hunedoara, currently attracting ever more holiday makers willing to discover the lifestyle and the way of thinking a couple of centuries before.

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