Hundreds of coalminers in Valea Jiului are refusing to come up

450 coalminers from three mines in Valea Jiului (Uricani, Petrila and Paroseni) have chosen to remain underground as a sign of protest. The miners are unhappy with the fact that the thermo-electric power stations of the Energy Complex in Hunedoara (CEH) have refused to take over the coal produced by the National Mine Closing Company in Valea Jiului. By the end of the day, the number of “stuck” coalminers increased to 2,000.
“There’s nothing to negotiate with the miners because I represent their interests. I’ve informed them of the real problems in the energy system of Hunedoara. I’m not in charge of finding solutions, other people are. We are talking about a blockage in the energy system of Hunedoara County that began in May 2013. Our coal was refused. On July 15 we stopped delivering coal. Job safety, workers’ safety and financial safety are all in jeopardy,” Laszlo Domokos, leader of the Huila Union.
On the other hand, the ground staff – office and workshop workers – will not be leaving their workplace at the end of the workday to show their support for the underground miners.
Early this morning, over 200 coalminers from Paroseni Pit Coalmine announced they would not come to the surface at the end of the first shift. According to the union leader, the extraction coalface from Paroseni mine was stopped Wednesday, and miners have since been safety-proofing the underground perimeters to ensure that mining operations are performed safely. The decision was made after the Paroseni thermo-electric power station stopped taking over coal from Paroseni at the start of the week, causing the 1,800 ton-warehouse to overfill with the coal produced between Monday and Wednesday.
“At Paroseni, the coal production schedule for July has been completed up to 40 per cent, and there’s less than one half of the month left. The Petrila and Uricani coalmines have completed the schedule up to 40 per cent. We run the risk of not being able to recover the unaccomplished coal production for July, which will have an impact on workers’ salaries,” the union leader warned.

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