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April 21, 2021

Length of Romania’s natural gas pipelines exceeds 36,000 km

Romania’s natural gas pipelines grid measured 36,771.8 km, on Dec 31, in 2012, with 21,044.5 km of it in towns and cities, informs the National Statistics Institute (INS). According to INS, the natural gas was supplied to 892 localities, 242 of them municipalities and towns. As many as 9,386.1 million cu m natural gasses were supplied in 2012 than during the previous year. As much as 2,824.2 million cubic meters of the total natural gas supply in 2012 went to the household users, posing for 30.1 per cent of the total natural gas supply, whereas 92.4 per cent went to towns and cities.As many as 10,962,751 GCal were provided in Romania in 2012, by 1,378,481 G.Cal, less than in 2011, and 9,213,729 G.Cal, of it went to the household heating system i.e. by 1,234,438 G.Cal less than in 2011. The heating was supplied to 101 localities, namely in 9 municipalities and towns.

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