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December 1, 2021

Restrictions for Romanians on European labour market – irrevocably lifted on December 31, 2013

Romanian MEP Minodora Cliveti (PSD), a member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament, has received a response from the European Commission (EC) to her written question regarding the re-opening of the labour market in Europe for Romanian citizens at start-2014, according to a press release issued on Wednesday, Agerpres informs. MEP Cliveti asked the EC whether it has any strategy to solve the requests to suspend the situations concerning the acceptance of Romanians on the European labour market on pre-determined terms and also whether it gives Romania the guarantee that, at end-2013, all EU member states will re-open their labour market to Romanians.zThe response given by the EC mentions that Annex VII to the Act of Bulgaria and Romania’s Accession allows member states to apply transitional rules regarding access to their labour market for Bulgarian and Romanian workers.
‘These transitional rules apply for a period of maximum seven years, based on a ‘2 +3 +2’ agreement. Member states may apply their national legislation on access to their labour market in the first two years after accession. Following a review conducted by the Council into the functioning of the transitional measures, member states may, after informing the Commission, continue to apply their national legislation for a further period of three years. At the end of those five years, if there is a serious disruption of the labour market or the risk of occurring such disruptions, after notifying the Commission, member states may continue to apply their national legislation on labour market access. According to those rules, eight member states still apply restrictions regarding access to their labour market for Romanian and Bulgarian workers. Moreover, Spain, which lifted the restrictions on Romanian workers in 2009, re-introduced them in July 2011, under the transitional rules, based on the ‘safeguard clause,’ the Commission mentioned.
At the same time, the EC assures that the transitory rules and the possibility to impose restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian workers will irrevocably end on December 31, 2013.
‘I note the Commission’s firm assurance that, as of 2014, none of the member states that imposed restrictions on their labour market for the entry of Romanian citizens will no longer seek or receive any derogation, and Romanian citizens will work freely in the European space, with the same rights as all European citizens,’ said Cliveti.

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