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December 10, 2022

Romania, governed with IMF support, economists warn

Romania does not need a new accord with the International Monetary Fund, believe economy experts Florin Ilie and Cristian Paun, as well as the president of the Cartel Alfa trade union confederation, Bogdan Hossu, realitatea.net informs. They explained on TV what they believe are the disadvantages of a new accord. Economic consultant Florin Ilie considers that Romania resorts to a new accord with the IMF in order to enforce new measures of austerity, exonerating the government from any responsibility. “When someone comes and imposes new measures, these measures might surely be best for the respective country. We outsource the governing act,” Florin Ilie explained.
In his turn, economy professor Cristian Paun said that Romania does not need a new accord with the IMF. “Plus, our country gained nothing from the collaboration with the Fund in the past,” he believes. “Let’s get some myths straight: the IMF is an institution that should have been disbanded in 1971. Banana countries resort to the IMF, which is a short-term solution. In our case, it has become a long-term solution,” Cristian Paun mentioned.
Cartel Alfa president Bogdan Hossu considers that a new agreement with the IMF will hamper the economic development of Romania and might even create internal social conflicts. “The lack of vision of the political class, the absence of political parties’ ideology defined in medium and long-term programmes will actually turn a new accord with the IMF into a brake for the economic development. It will create much difficulty and problems, including internal social conflicts,” Bogdan Hossu warned.

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