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August 18, 2022

Four mayors, declared incompatible by ANI

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) certified the state of incompatibility of four local elects following the simultaneous exertion of several functions and qualities.
According to a communiqué issued by ANI and quoted by realitatea.net, the following were declared as incompatible: Mihail Lienerth, mayor of Vurpar commune, Sibiu County, Nicolae Stan, mayor of Mavrodin commune, Teleorman County, Doru Radu, mayor of Suseni commune, Arges County and Pirvu Pirvu, local councilor of Tuzla commune, Constanta County. Mihail Lienerth is in a state of incompatibility because he simultaneously exerts the function of mayor and the qualities of administrator of SC Partener SRL (during 18 June 2008 – 4 February 2011) and SC Sivurom SRL (18 June 2008 – present), authorised individual trader (18 June 2008 – 22 September 2010) and member of the Administration Board of the Forest Unit Dealul Sibiului RA (25 February 2011 – present). Nicolae Stan is in incompatibility since 18 June 2012 because he simltaneously exerts the function of mayor and the quality of authorised individual trader within Stan Nicolae PFA. Integrity inspectors also found Doru Radu in a state of incompatibility starting 22 September 2010 because he simultaneously exerts the function of mayor and the quality of representative of the Suseni commune in the General Shareholders Assembly of SC Edil Expert Publiserv Suseni SRL. In the case of Pirvu Pirvu, the incompatibility was effective during 25 May 2009 – 28 December 2009, when he simultaneously exerted the quality of local councilor and the function of unskilled worker in the Fire Guard of the Tuzla commune, being hired with individual labor contract in the specialised apparatus of the mayor.

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