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January 27, 2022

Romania, 3rd largest shale gas reserves in Europe

Romania currently has 1,444 billion cu m of shale gas reserves, ranking third in Europe, after Poland and France, according to official data published on infogazedesist.eu, launched by the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM) as part of an information campaign and public debate regarding the shale gas.
Following an announcement made by the European Commission’s DG Energy in 2012, ANRM, in its capacity as the institution that coordinates drilling and exploration of natural resources in Romania, applied for a grant to organize public debates and carry out information campaigns regarding the shale gas issue.
According to data provided by the institution, late in the same year, following the checking among projects received, the EC DG Energy announced ANMR that its proposal got selected for receiving funding. The campaign will be concluded late this year, with public debates to be organised in Birlad (east) and Dobrogea (southeastern) regions of the country, regions that are of interest when it comes of the shale gas issue.
The debates and the information campaigns are meant to develop a dialogue with the citizens to let them find out more about the drilling and exploration of these natural resources. Moreover, as part of the same programme, there will be organised a series of activities to provide useful information to people to help them make their own opinions about this issue.

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