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August 17, 2022

Second day of protest for employees of the Tax Directorate of Timisoara

Hundreds of employees of the Tax Directorate of Timisoara marched again yesterday for the second day in a row, protesting against moving the western branch headquarters to Deva. “Civil servants of the General Directorate for Public Finance of Timis County are not planning on stopping the demonstrations until the previous decision is reinstated: the headquarters of the future General Directorate of Public Finance – Western Region should be set in Timisoara”, a press release issued by the Directorate for Public Finance reports. Employers of the Tax Directorate of Timisoara had marched on Monday as well, for fear that moving the headquarters would mean losing their jobs. They claimed that the move was not based on a legal, but a political decision. Protesters are saying that behind this decision are Daniel Chitoiu, Ministry of Finance and his godson, Liberal Dan Radu Rusanu, born in Deva, now chairman of the Insurance Supervisory Commission, an institution that regulates stock exchange markets, insurance companies and pension funds. According to recent changes, the County directorates for public finance will be restructured, and the number of such institutions with regional responsibilities will be reduced from 42 to 8. The authorities’ only explanation so far has been that these changes are aimed at improving the efficiency of tax collection costs and the performance of the institution.

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