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October 21, 2021

Balancing the system components – the main direction, Health Minister says

The Minister for health, Eugen Nicolaescu, declared, during a video conference held on Tuesday with the health decision makers and the unions and local representatives, that the main direction in reform that the heads of the Ministry of Health (MS) and of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) have in view is the balancing of the health system components.
“In the discussions we are going to have this week with the IMF, WB and EC, we will emphasize the structural reform and we will stress the importance of developing a pre-hospital system. All the managers have to understand that this is the right way. I want the managers to understand that there are resources in the budgets of the hospitals. The way they succeed to give them where they are needed and where they can be most efficiently used is important,” the Minister said, quoted by Mediafax.
In this regard, Nicolaescu asked the hospital managers to find the necessary resources so that, until the end of 2013, the hospitals’ activity go on without any major problems, and to cover the necessary financial needs without cutting the salaries of the staff. “You have many possible solutions. It depends on you to use them the right way. Remember that if you have more patients and hospitalize more people for the day, it is possible you’ll have more satisfied patients, more resolved cases than patients waiting for a longer hospitalization”, Nicolaescu said.
During the meeting, it was agreed that, until August 15, the prefects have to evaluate the action plans made by the managers, after discussing with the County Health Insurance Houses and the Public Health Departments, under the coordination of the local councils, and after that, on August 20, MS will analyze the reports and decide on the most appropriate measures.
Regarding the main projects of MS, the head of the institution told the hospital managers that in a few days they will have a final form of the law on civil liability (the malpractice law) that will be brought to the attention of the public for discussions. Also, regarding the project on medical staff salaries, the Health Minister told the participants about his intention to start a project, first as a pilot in a few hospitals in Romania, during the first trimester of 2014, to remove the doctor from the budget grille. Meanwhile, on the MS site there is a public debate on a project that refers to the day hospitalization duration.

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