China is the leading country in cyber-attacks, and Romania is ninth

According to a study conducted by an American computer security company, published Tuesday, China and Indonesia are the top two countries which most cyber-attacks originate from, while Romania is ninth in this classification.
According to Akamai, in 2013 Q1, 34 per cent of cyber-attacks stemmed from China. The numbers are smaller compared to the last quarter of 2012, when China was responsible for 41 per cent of such attacks. ”This decrease is probably due to Indonesia’s second place in the ranking”, Akamai representative Bill Brenner shows, emphasizing the Southeast Asian country’s leap from 0.7 to 21 per cent of worldwide cyber-attacks in one quarter.
The United States take third place in the Akamai ranking (8.3 per cent), followed by Turkey (4.5 per cent), Russia (2.7 per cent), India (2.6 per cent), Taiwan (2.5 per cent), Brazil (2.2 per cent), Romania (2 per cent) and Hong Kong (1.6 per cent). “Almost 68 per cent of all cyber-attacks originate from the Asia Pacific-Oceania region, compared to 56 per cent in 2012. The increase is undoubtedly linked to Indonesia’s massive increase”, Bill Brenner points out.
Europe is in turn responsible for a little under 19 per cent of these cyber-attacks, while North and South America are responsible for approximately 13 per cent.

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