Popular Movement muddies the waters within PDL?

The launch of the Popular Movement Party two days ago has muddied the waters within PDL, a party President Traian Basescu recanted after Elena Udrea lost the race for the its leadership, a position that Vasile Blaga won back this spring.
PDL’s “Group of Reformers,” a group that challenges Blaga’s authority within the party and his capacity to reform the party that was once at the top of polls, claims the need to move the party closer to the Popular Movement. This is the case of former Culture Minister and current MP Teodor Paleologu too, who believes that the Democrat-Liberals should cooperate with the new party. “As the days go by it is increasingly obvious that Vasile Blaga is not capable of unifying the right-wing, that he is a factor of disunity,” Paleologu stated on RFI, pointing out that PDL should look for the Popular Movement. Moreover, the former minister blames the PDL President for the fact that Eugen Tomac, the Popular Movement’s new leader, left the party. “If Eugen Tomac is the president of the new party, the Popular Movement, it’s thanks to the attitude shown during the previous Congress, an attitude confirmed during the months that followed, this exclusion, sidelining featuring verbal attacks, in Romanian style, rude, vulgar, of all those who did not back Vasile Blaga. So this is the result of a suicidal attitude in my opinion,” the PDL MP stated, being quoted by adevarul.ro.
On the other side, PDL First Vice President Andreea Paul, Emil Boc’s former economic adviser during the time he was prime minister, condemns the fact that the Popular Movement was built through the recruitment of Democrat-Liberals. “PDL moves on, it has a team spirit, it does not rely on a single person. It’s clear for everyone that the Popular Movement is unable to attract new people and is relying on the party switching principle. But deserters are the first to become deserters,” Andreea Paul stated. Moreover, she pointed out that she does not see a possible collaboration with Traian Basescu’s new favorite party. “The Popular Movement is far from being what PDL is,” the PDL leader pointed out without giving any other details. That opinion is shared by sociologist Cristian Parvulescu who does not believe that PDL will have a lot to suffer as a result of the launch of the Popular Movement. “PDL will definitely not disappear because it has a good network of local branches. A comparison between the Democrat-Liberals and PNTCD does not hold water,” Parvulescu claims.

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