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April 20, 2021

Antena 3, target of criminal probe in the blackmail case against Antena Group

The TV channel is accused of complicity to blackmail. Antena 3 CEO
Mihai Gadea, questioned by the DNA said: “I am firmly convinced that Antena 3 has nothing to do with the case of blackmail.”

The company Antena 3 SA is the target of a criminal probe for complicity to blackmail and its CEO, Mihai Gadea was informed about the charges, as representative of the company, judiciary sources said, quoted by Mediafax.
Prosecutors expanded the investigations in the case that has the CEO of Antena TV Group, Sorin Alexandrescu accused of blackmail and also placed under investigation SC Antena 3 SA, as legal entity, for complicity to blackmail, said the sources. The CEO of Antena 3, Mihai Gadea came Thursday at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and said, upon entering the building, that he was summoned as witness in the case against the CEO of Antena TV Group, Sorin Alexandrescu, suspect of having blackmailed the administrator of RCS&RDS Ioan Bendei to sign a contract for broadcasting via satellite the programmes of Antena TV. Alexandrescu was remanded between May 31 and June 6, when the Bucharest Tribunal set him free during the investigation, but prohibited him to leave the country. On July 22, Sorin Alexandrescu filed a criminal complaint at the District 5 Tribunal against RCS&RDS administrator Ioan Bendei for slandering denunciation, accusing that he used fake or erroneous information when he denounced him to the DNA.
On July 11, prosecutors expanded the Sorin Alexandrescu case to Camelia Rodica Voiculescu, as associate in SC Antena TV Group SA and SC Intact Publishing SRL, and against George Daniel Matiescu, CEO of Intact Publishing SRL, for complicity to blackmail.
Moreover, SC Antena TV Group SA and SC Intact Publishing SRL are probed for blackmail, DNA announced.
Gadea defends the TV channel
As expected, upon leaving the DNA building Mihai Gadea defended the television he administers, saying that he is “firmly convinced” that SC Antena 3 SA has nothing to do with the blackmail case against Sorin Alexandrescu and adding that prosecutors asked him about organisation and personnel scheme. “You never were in this situation here and I will explain you what is going on. You are invited, there are two prosecutors, a lady and a gentleman, who ask all kind of questions trying to see what connections exist between Antena TV, Antena 3, their organisation and personnel scheme, things like these. Nothing spectacular. As I told the prosecutors, we have nothing to do with this case. They must investigate, if they reach different conclusions, we will see. I am firmly convinced and what I know – I mean it – that Antena 3 has nothing to do with this case,” the CEO of Antena 3, Mihai Gadea said.
He added that he told prosecutors that he was invited Thursday as witness and explained them how things happened. “I am a witness, I was a witness, I told what I know, I explained them the things. There is nothing that should preoccupy some of you, whom I see very concerned,” Gadea added while leaving the DNA.
Later, DNA announced that the former president of the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF), Serban Pop is probed in the blackmail case against Sorin Alexandrescu, being accused of using information that are not meant to be published or allowing the access of unauthorised persons to this information.

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