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April 15, 2021

MAE’s Ciamba: Recent statements by some Hungarian officials on regionalisation, interference with democratic process

State Secretary for European Affairs with Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) George Ciamba voiced surprise over some statements by Hungarian officials at the Summer School of Baile Tusnad that had to do with regionalisation, arguing that they represent interference with a democratic, legitimate and sovereign process going on in Romania.
‘I have taken note with surprise of some statements by visiting Hungarian officials voiced at the Summer School at Baile Tusnad that we believe are interference with a democratic, legitimate and sovereign process of Romania. These are susceptible of breaking the spirit of the Strategic partnership for the 21st century between Romania and Hungary. Making decisions on the administrative and territorial design of Romania is a sovereign right, with institutional players as well as representatives of the civil society of Romania being involved in the debate, irrespective of their ethnic background,’ Ciamba is quoted as saying in a press release issued by the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE), Agerpres informs.
He points out that the administrative and territorial redesign of Romania is compatible with international rules and the adoption of such measures is fully compatible with the international commitments of Romania under the treaties to which it is a signatory. ‘These measures initiated by Romanian authorities in line with the principle of good governance, are not grounded in any ethnic reasons, as there are not promoted in order to affect the guaranteed rights and freedoms of the national minorities, either, which observance Romania has pledged internationally, as a member of the European Union. The reasons behind the start of the administrative reform process were solely underpinned by the need to bridge the economic development gaps separating Romania from other European Union member states. This is a process which aim is to consolidate Romania’s performance as an EU member state,’ says Ciamba.
Ciamba argues that the statements in question of Hungarian state officials at the Summer School at Baile Tusnad exceed the political and juridical framework of the bilateral relation between Romania and Hungary. ‘I cannot overlook the fact that the works of the Sumer School at Baile Tusnad look very much like a meeting of the Hungarian Government, just organised in Romania, both by the substantial governmental presence there, and by the substance of the issues approached, focused on the promotion of Hungary’s national policy in relation to the Hungarian communities overseas, including in Romania. Such statements exceed by far the political and juridical framework for the bilateral relationship, as well as all the jointly pledged commitments along the sustained diplomatic dialogue of the pats months, recently reiterated to Hungary,’ says Ciamba.
State Secretary with Hungary’s Foreign Ministry Nemeth Zsolt told the opening of the Summer School at Baile Tusnad on Wednesday that the issues facing the Hungarian minority of Romania regards democracy and the rule of law, and that the Hungarian Government will support the grievances of the Hungarians of Transylvania, the Romanian historical province, because it has to under Hungary’s Constitution.
Nemeth also said that if a sizeable community of a given country comes up with some requests not running contrary to the legislation in force, the requests should be considered. ‘As far as the issues facing the national minorities are concerned, the issues facing the Hungarian community of Romania, and I mean here the Szeklers’ Land, regionalisation, the Szeklers’ Land flag and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tg. Mures with Hungarian tuition, I can underscore two things. First, this is a problem having to do with democracy in Romania. If there is a sizeable community of a given country coming up with some requests not running contrary to the legislation in force, we believe the requests should be considered,’ said Nemeth, according to the official translation of his speech.

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