Corneliu Vadim Tudor was ousted from PRM and replaced by Funar

The PRM (Greater Romania Party) congress held Sunday in Alba Iulia voted in favour of ousting the party leader with overwhelming majority. CV Tudor says he would resort to legal action, blames a cheap trick performed by a bunch of pensioners.

Gheorghe Funar – chairman of PRM, Corneliu Vadim Tudor – ousted. The PRM congress symbolically held in Alba Iulia voted Saturday in favour of Vadim Tudor’s departure with only four votes against and three abstentions out of 700 participants. Gheorghe Funar, who recently held the position of Secretary General of PRM, was elected chairman with 530 votes out of 667 valid ones.
The former mayor of Cluj is therefore reaping the benefits of the putsch delivered on 15 June, when the party’s Executive Committee decided to suspend Vadim Tudor as chairman of PRM. Although Funar attended the respective meeting and was named among the possible candidates for the position of PRM chairman, Vadim Tudor’s confidence did not flinch.
“Funar was there, he told me what it’s all about,” he stated.
Before last week, Funar had said that the decision made on 15 June could be the right time to re-launch PRM. He also stated that the party’s Executive Committee was not intent on suspending the party chairman. Moreover, he did not participate in the public debate, leaving Dumitru Badea, the leader of PRM Neamt, to strike back against Vadim Tudor. It was not until last Thursday that the party tribune grasped the situation and announced Vadim had been ousted.
Of course, Vadim Tudor is claiming that he represents the true spirit of PRM and announced he would resort to legal action. “It is a very bad joke, a cheap trick performed by a bunch of pensioners to whom I had nothing more to give”, the tribune said. Considering that only last month he thought Viorel Hrebenciuc (PSD) was behind the putsch, he has since changed his mind: Funar plans to place PRM at the service of Dan Voiculescu.
“I made you senator four years ago and your wife councillor at the Court of Auditors six years ago. You’ve both bitten the hand that gave you white bread,” he addressed Funar reproachfully at RTV.
“I suggest he take the Bible out from his pocket and read a very nice command: ‘love thy neighbour’. I wonder: why does he not love his neighbour?” Funar replied. “You’re no neighbour of mine, Funar. You were the puppy trailing behind me”, Vadim answered back.

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