Krypton Unplugged =concert on the first day of the festival and competition in Sulina

Saturday, in Sulina, the band Krypton performed unplugged on stage as part of the first evening of the 16th edition of the festival and competition organised annually by the Sulina Culture House. The three band members’ recital – Gabi “Sweet mouth” Nicolau (vocalist), Eugen Mihaescu (guitar) and their guest, Teodora Dragomirescu (viola) – consisted of multiple songs that have made Krypton famous between 1990 and 1994 from the albums “Fara teama” (Without Fear) and “Lanturile” (Chains), as well as new songs performed acoustically. The audience in Sulina had the opportunity to listen to classic tracks such as ‘’Sunt doar un nor’’ (I’m Just a Cloud), ‘’Fara teama’’ (Without Fear), ‘’Pozitia de drepti’’ (Standing Upright), ‘’Va fi randul tau’’ (Your Turn is Up), ‘’Fetele cu ochii verzi’’ (Green-eyed girls), ‘’Tatiana’’, ‘’Iti mai aduci aminte’’ (Do You Remember), ‘’Sa cerem aprobare’’ (Let’s Ask for Approval) and more recent songs, including the single ‘’Am uitat cum arati’’ (I Forgot What You Look Like), most of which are part of the album “O parte din noi” (A Part of Us), released recently. From the very beginning of the Krypton Unplugged concert, the stage was surrounded by children who danced around and sang along. Band leader Gabi “Sweet mouth” Nicolau constantly talked to the kids and to the over 300 spectators. On the first evening of the festival, the interpretation competition was attended by 17 young people, divided into 2 sections: 10 to 15-year-olds and 16 to 25-year-olds, all of whom competed for one of six prizes or for the festival trophy. The members of the jury who assessed the young people’s performance include Adrian Ordean, Eugen Mihaescu, Leo Iorga, Dan Iliescu, Bogdan Dragomir, Mihaela Trifu, and Florentina Dunaev. The festival continued Sunday evening with the Laureates’ Gala.

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