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October 2, 2022

Manually produced paper on display at the Sighisoara Medieval Festival

Over 3,000 tickets were sold on the first day of the 21st edition of the festival that started Friday afternoon and ended Sunday.

Manual paper manufacturers using Middle Age-techniques were among the most sought for craftsmen taking part in the 21st edition of the Medieval Festival of Sighisoara, which ended Sunday. The most popular objects made of manually manufactured paper were engravings, envelopes, photograph albums, gift boxes, coasters and wax sealed boxes.
”Our workshop produces paper manually, the same way it used to be produced in the Middle Ages, in paper mills using a simple technique: the cellulose extracted from wood is combined with water in a vat. The craftsman then removes the paper sheet by sheet from the vat with a sieve and presses it; the resulting paper is used by the printing press. The first stage, cellulose extraction, takes more time, but as soon as the cellulose is ready, we place it under water. Paper is attained in just a couple of minutes, depending on the thickness of the paper, the density of the mixture and the craftsman’s skill”, Banffy Bela from the Natura Paper Workshop in Cluj Napoca stated for Agerpres
The craftsman said he learned the trade from his colleague, Laci Matyas, who has been working in the field for over 15 years. Together, they started this workshop.
On the first day of the festival (Friday) alone, over 3,000 tickets were sold, taking into account the fact that access was free for pre-schoolers, pupils and students, Sanda Vitelar, spokeswoman for the event, stated. Organisers were expecting at least 20,000 people to attend the festival, the same as last year, especially considering that all accommodation venues in Sighisoara and in nearby localities were full.
On Friday, after the 21st edition of the Medieval Festival of Sighisoara started, the Wolf Knight’s Order, the Crux Alba Knight’s Order (Hungary), the Chigot Knight’s Order (Bulgaria), the Medias Knight’s Order, the Stag Knight’s Order, and the ArtGotica Knight’s Order all signed a peace charter that kicked off the fun. “All you Middle Ages lovers who are pure at heart and kind in thought, and who have come together here today in the year 2013 in the month of July, in the proud Fortress of Sighisoara, God willing and under the protection of Archangel Michael and Saint George, please be the proud receivers of the title of ‘Free citizen in the land of Vlad Knight of Justice in the Fortress of Shighisoara’.
During the celebration, you are entitled to say kind words, sing songs, play games and socialise. If your blood begins to boil, may you quench your thirst with a jug of wine! May the good Lord watch over you!” the charter stipulates.
After the charter was sealed, the knights proceeded to prove their bravery in the streets of the fortress, minstrels presented their repertoire, and theatre groups performed their plays on stages set up in different areas of the fortress.

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