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August 12, 2022

Syrian press tells explosive story about Omar Hayssam

Meanwhile, president Traian Basescu speaks about a possible new suspension because of the Hayssam row.
Syrian news website ‘All Four Siria’ makes explosive revelations about the operation that brought Omar Hayssam to Romania.
According to the Syrian journalists, quoted by Realitatea TV, Romania’s foremost terrorist was brought from Lebanese capital Beirut, following barter deal between Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Bucharest authorities. The terrorist organisation Hezbollah was involved in the deal, add the sources.
The return of Omar Hayssam is related to the businesses of Syrian billionaire Rami Makhlouf in Romania, mentions All4Siria, quoted by Realitatea TV.
“Businessman Rami Makhlouf has big investments in Romania through his father-in-law who is also the ambassador of Syria to Romania, Walid Othman who launders money via his brother and children that have investments in real estate,” adds the source.
The journalists also write that Rami Makhlouf conducts his businesses via his father-in-law Walid Osman, the Syrian ambassador in Bucharest.
“In order to have Omar Hayssam turned in, the government of Romania pledged to oppose the decision of considering Othman’s family as an interloper network. Romanian authorities accepted and sent a plane to Beirut and Bashar al-Assad sent general Khalil Ghassa to abduct Hayssam and send him to Lebanon, to the Beirut airport, in collaboration with Hezbollah and the Lebanese security,” the Syrian website reports.
Rami Makhlouf, the wealthiest man in Syria, is on the list of persons sanctioned by the European Union and is banned the access to European territory. The daughter of the Syrian ambassador to Bucharest is on the same list.
On the other hand, President Traian Basescu said Sunday that the return of Omar Hayssan could be “a catalyst” for a new suspension of the president. Basescu said in an interview that “too many people are worried” about the return of the Syrian condemned for terrorism. Even Premier Victor Ponta is among them, because he, too, has “some skeletons in the closet.”
According to the president, many politicians are worried about what Hayssam will tell about suspect privatisations or the financing of some parties and they will not hesitate to threaten with suspension if this will serve them.
“The return of Hayssam reactivated the theory of suspending the president. This is life, I could not give up an objective I pursued for 5 years – returning Hayssam – only for the sake of not upsetting someone. We must see what happened with IPRS Baneasa, Foresta Nehoiu, the real estate businesses, who granted him political support to be so prolific in the privatisation processes. (…) Hayssam had very strong connections inside PSD, while PNL too has its own ties with Hayssam, and I do not know how PDL fares with this regard,” Traian Basescu said in an interview with ‘Romania Libera’.
Basescu added that he does not fear a new suspension, as some politicians fear about what Hayssam will tell to investigation structures: “Some politicians (fear); everything I know is from the press, if I wanted to list them I would surely omit some of them. (…) Of course I would not want a new suspension, because it would unsettle the country, but the arrival of Omar Hayssam seems to be a catalyst in this direction. Too many are worried.”
Among those who are scared by the name of Hayssam, the president also included acting Premier Victor Ponta. “He too has some skeletons in the closet, because when Omar Hayssam was prospering he was the chief of the Control Body of former Premier Adrian Nastase. Among his attributions was verifying the privatisations,” Basescu explained.

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