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February 8, 2023

Ancient Geto-Dacian and Roman dwellings unearthed in Sucidava

Several ancient dwellings dating from the Geto-Dacian and Roman era, pottery and a 4th century coin were discovered this month in Sucidava (Olt County, south) during the archaeological excavations conducted here, director of the Corabia Museum Mirela Cojoc told Agerpres. The Sucidava archaeological complex will be restored in the coming years, following the signing of the financing contract for a relevant project submitted to the South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency which was declared eligible and is now in the pre-contracting stage. The main attraction for the visitors of the Sucidava fortress is the secret fountain, a one of a kind Roman time 25m long underground tunnel leading to a spring 18m below ground level. The monument was built as the fortress was reconstructed in the sixth century by Emperor Justinian, and is the only such monumental fountain in South-Eastern Europe dating from the Roman-Byzantine period. Sucidava emerged as an important economic and military center of the Geto-Dacian tribe ‘Suci’ and its name actually stands for ‘The fortress of the Suci’. Following the Roman conquest of Dacia, a Roman fort was erected on the site of the current locality Celei, which contributed to the development of the Roman civil city Sucidava.

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