GECAD NET launches the first private cloud system for SMEs in Romania

NET GECAD SystemV is a private cloud in a single package that has preinstalled virtualization and management software that helps IT modernization and offers increased performance at a data center level in a very short amount of time.
SystemV contains three technologies in one package:
* Hardware – Server
* Virtualization – Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V
* Infrastructure Management – Microsoft System Center 2012.
The main features:
* Increased capacity of storage: support for 64 processors, 1 terrabyte memory for visitors and a virtual hard disk 64TB
* Dynamic memory: it can efficiently allocate virtual machine memory resources without increasing consolidation ratios
* Flexibility: VMs can be moved simultaneously, regardless of their number
* Support heterogeneous: they can manage hypervisors, hardware and existing applications from one application with System Center 2012
* Monitoring and solutions: get notifications and solutions regarding problems and applications
* Simplified applications management
* Live Migration without sharing: you can migrate a virtual machine from one Hyper-V server operating on another server without the need to both be in the same cluster or to share your storage
SystemV is available in 3 editions: SystemV Standard, SystemV Senior and SystemV Data Center.
Advice on choosing the right edition of SystemV can be offered by GECAD NET specialized team.

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