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May 24, 2022

POSDRU – Education Min pushes back deadline for submitting offers

The Ministry decided to postpone until August 5 the deadline for submitting offers of partnership for POSDRU projects, with the time interval allocated to this operation being initially of just two days.
The interval allocated to the applications of private companies or organisations wishing to become partners of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) in POSDRU projects will be extended by at least a week, the delegate minister for higher education, Mihnea Costoiu announced yesterday.
The announcements for selecting partners, private entities, in view of submitting projects financed from non-reimbursable structural funds, in which MEN acts as beneficiary, were made public by the ministry last week. They refer to 51 projects financed from European money allotted for the development of human resources (POSDRU), with a total value that exceeds EUR 150 M.
Initially, the ad was posted on July 23 and the deadline for submitting partnership applications was set by MEN on July 25, only two days later, while the remaining five projects announced on July 24 had the deadline on July 26 – also two days.
Minister Mihnea Costoiu explained that the two-day interval will be extended by at least a week, and the exact period will be decided Tuesday, after the cabinet meeting. According to Costoiu, only few partners (21) applied during the two-day interval initially allocated for submitting projects.
“After the cabinet meeting, we will make the decision, with minister Teodorovici and the Management Unit, in order to also launch the projects pertaining to higher education that target the hierarchy of study programmes, the classification of units, the unique data base of higher education and other topics,” said the delegate minister for higher education, adding that it might be one week or two, “so there is no suspicion about the selection of these partners.”
Asked why the initial interval was of just two days, Costoiu answered: “I am not the person that was directly in charge with this matter.”
He explained that the selection of partners is conducted according to the internal procedure of the beneficiary, which is the Ministry of Education.
The large majority of projects come from the pre-university education sector, generally refer to problems pertaining to the future of the system, the optional or mandatory curriculum for various disciplines of different grades, generally in the primary and secondary education, along with continuing a number of successful projects like the prevention of violence in schools. To these will add competitions for the higher education sector, which have not started yet, the delegate minister mentioned.
One of the projects which private partners may apply for has a total budget of EUR 3 M and aims at: improving the education offer for the study of History of Sciences by high-school pupils, through modern curricula centred on the pupil and with a package of supporting educational resources that will lead to forming key competencies among pupils; developing the professional competencies necessary for the implementation of the new school curriculum History of Sciences for high-school and for the use of supporting educational resources in the case of 1,056 teachers from the pre-university system; at least 97 pc of trainees will be certified at the graduation of formation courses.

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