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January 27, 2022

Voiculescu: “I would suspend Basescu if it were up to me”

Officially prosecuted for extortion in the Antena-RCS&RDS case, the founding chairman of the Conservative Party (PC), Dan Voiculescu, rages again against the President whom he accuses of constantly putting pressure on the Antena 3 Channel, owned to by the Voiculescu family, and of being behind this file. Monday night, on Realitatea TV, Voiculescu said that he would start the suspension procedure for Traian Basescu “tomorrow” if it were up to him. Voiculescu said that all the “madness” of the DNA hearings began “when Victor Ponta stated, based on official statistical data, that the referendum should have been validated”. “It was the moment Traian Basescu realized the imposture”, Voiculescu said. He said that they are searching for ways to validate now the last year’s referendum. “We shall see how the referendum can be validated using the data we have now”, the businessman said. “I was the author of the two suspensions and I was part, as much as I could, of the impeachment process. It seems that I was not cautious, analytical, prudent enough, which is why we did not succeed”, Voiculescu added.
The founding president of PC affirmatively answered the question: “Would you support a new impeachment for President Basescu ?” “If it were up to me, I would do it tomorrow, he said. “But PC alone does not have a majority that could enable this. If PNL agrees and we can convince PSD to agree, of course we are going to do it. We haven’t talked about this yet”, Voiculescu said. “I don’t want to speak in the name of the USL colleagues, but I can assure you that the subject will be discussed and the wisest decision will be taken”, he added, saying that this subject should be discussed with the European partners as well, who, last summer, were worried by Basescu’s impeachment. On Monday evening, after the start of the criminal investigation against Voiculescu, Antena 3 put in the lower third of the screen a stamp reading “Station subjected to presidential threats”.

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