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September 19, 2020

‘Economic ties, a catalyst for boosting bilateral relations’

says H.E. Mr. Titus Corlatean, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
“On the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Swiss Confederation, I am happy to extend to the Government and People of Switzerland my sincere congratulations and warm wishes of success and prosperity.

I take this opportunity to highlight some of the most important coordinates of the excellent relations between Romania and Switzerland. We have a long-standing and valuable relationship, built on a dynamic and substantial political dialogue, that I am confident will continue to intensify in the future.
Our relations are based on the common desire to closely work together, on cultural affinities and economic interests, as well as on the shared values __such as the respect for fundamental rights, freedoms, democracy and the rule of law. In this respect, an important milestone in our relations is the multilateral cooperation, particularly within the United Nations.
One can notice that the Swiss-Romanian relations have reached a new stage following Romania’s accession to the European Union. It is a fact that our EU membership has offered yet new opportunities and incentives for the Swiss companies to invest in Romania, a country with a relatively large market, applying the same EU and European Economic Area rules and legislation, but enjoying more appealing fiscal conditions.
A major role in strengthening our bilateral relations is played by the economic exchanges that still have an important potential for growth. Switzerland is now the 9th investor in the Romanian economy, with almost 1 billion euro invested. There are altogether more than 2.400 companies with Swiss capital present in almost all fields of our economy.
I am confident that the extension to Romania and Bulgaria of the EU-Switzerland free movement of person’s agreement, as well as the Swiss financial contribution to the EU cohesion fund for Romania and Bulgaria, are sources of economic growth and have positive impact on our bilateral relations.
Romania benefitted throughout the recent years from Swiss financial assistance, primarily in the economic fields, internal affairs, healthcare system, environment and bio-agriculture. Today, both Romania and Switzerland are donor countries, looking to ways to cooperate in development assistance programs in third countries.
The intense contacts between the local authorities and actors in the two countries have contributed significantly to improving the cooperation and mutual trust. Among the different fields of cooperation, culture has always set a high standard.
I am very happy to note that both the Romanian community in Switzerland and the Swiss community in Romania are well integrated, contributing decisively to our excellent relations. People to people contacts remain the strongest fundament for developing our cooperation for the future.
On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, I wish all Swiss citizens a happy National Day!”

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