7.6 pc unemployment rate for June, the highest since 2010

According to INS (National Institute of Statistics), the unemployment rate increased from 7.5 per cent in May to 7.6 pc in June, thus reaching the highest value since 2010. The estimated number of unemployed persons is 736,000 in June, compared to 720,000 in May. In June 2013, the unemployment rate adjusted seasonally was estimated at 7.6 per cent, on the rise by 0.1 per cent compared to the previous month and 0.5 per cent compared to the level reported for June 2012.
“The number of unemployed persons (aged between 15 and 74) estimated for June this year is 736,000, on the rise compared to the preceding month (720,000 persons) and compared to the same month of the previous year (710,000 persons). Gender-wise, the unemployment rate among men (8.3 per cent) exceeds the rate among women (6.8 per cent) by 1.5 per cent”, INS states. The unemployment rate among adults (aged between 25 and 74) was estimated at 6.2 per cent for June (6.9 per cent among men and 5.4 per cent among women). INS has also stated that the number of unemployed persons aged between 25 and 74 is the equivalent of 75.2 per cent of the total number of unemployed persons estimated for June 2013.
Meanwhile, the number of jobless in the eurozone fell for the first time in more than two years in June, but the unemployment rate stayed at a record 12.1 pc, EU statistics agency Eurostat said on Wednesday, BBC informs. The jobless total fell by 24,000 to 19.26 million, the first decrease in the jobless total since April 2011. The figures add to recent hopes that the economic situation in the eurozone may be stabilising. The jobless rate was 26.3 pc in Spain, and 26.9 pc in Greece, but only 4.6 pc in Austria and in Germany it was 5.4 pc. In the wider 27-member European Union, 10.9 pc of the workforce was out of work, down from a revised 11 pc in May. The total number of unemployed people in the EU fell by 32,000 to 26.42 million. During June some 3.526 million young people aged under 25 were unemployed in the eurozone area, while 5.512 million young people were unemployed in the wider EU. Talk of a recovery has intensified, however, after euro zone business and economic sentiment indices rose to a 15-month high in July, helped by the European Central Bank’s pledge to stand behind the euro zone, as well as a recovering U.S. economy and a lessening of harsh austerity policies.

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