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August 5, 2021

Content of Bechtel agreement is made public, partially

Anca Boagiu asks Dan Sova for the agreement signed by Adrian Nastase.
DPIIS (the Department for Infrastructure Projects and Foreign Investments), led by Minister Dan Sova, announced Tuesday that the “declassified” documents pertaining to the agreement concluded between Romania and Bechtel International and terminated in May 2013 were published on the Department’s official website.
The object of the agreement was the construction of Brasov-Cluj-Bors motorway. Gandul.info notes that the DPIIS website only shows the agreements from 2006 and 2011, respectively, and the termination agreement signed this year. The declassified documents show that Bechtel received EUR 70 million simply for becoming “engaged” in the project and EUR 1 million per month as “indirect capital costs”. The definition of these costs is as short as it is vague. “Indirect capital costs are those costs incurred by the foreign contractor in supporting construction work”, the agreement stipulates. The agreement with Bechtel also included tens of other detailed costs that were determined per cubic metre of land or per hectare. The price for deforestation alone was EUR 4,099 per hectare.
The version that resulted after the negotiations in 2006 also included a subchapter entitled “Bribe”. In short, it entitles CNADNR (Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads) to terminate the agreement if Bechtel or one of its employees offers bribe or gifts in exchange for an action related to the agreement.
The Bechtel agreement also mentioned other detailed costs that were determined per cubic metre of land or per hectare, which would have been the envy of any king of the asphalt. Consequently, Americans at Bechtel received the contractual unit price of EUR 4,099 per hectare for cleaning and deforesting embankments.
After the 2011 negotiations, Anca Boagiu, then Minister of Transport, announced that the American company had agreed to set fixed prices for the work performed. In return, PDL first vice-chairwoman Anca Boagiu asks Dan Sova, minister in charge of DPIIS to make public the initial agreement concluded with Bechtel, as well as the legal consultancy agreements, according to ziare.com. According to the PDL representative, both Dan Sova and the former Minister of Transport Relu Fenechiu “have released empty files in order to manipulate public opinion”.

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