Eugen Tomac explains why he left PDL

In an interview for the ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ newspaper, interim chairman of Miscarea Populara (People’s Movement Party) Eugen Tomac talked about the projects of his new political party and explains why he had to part ways with PDL. He stated that his main objective is for his party to open branches in all the towns and villages of the country by the end of this year. “This objective is very difficult to reach, but the current state of mind among members of Miscarea Populara offers us hope. If we manage to authorise the party and create the structures we have in mind, I see no problem in asking my colleagues for continued faith”, Tomac stated for Evz. He explained that his party’s objective is not to “pluck” members from PDL, but he also pointed out that he is not so naïve as to think many liberal democrats would join, “since we took responsibility for this partnership with Traian Basescu from the very beginning”. After his term ends, Traian Basescu will most certainly become a member of Miscarea Populara, Tomac added.
On the other hand, Mihai Gadea, producer of the show “Sinteza zilei” (Sum-up of the day) explained Tuesday how Eugen Tomac damaged Romania. As Head of the Department for Romanians Everywhere, he allegedly spent millions of RON illegally. Reports carried out by the Court of Auditors of Romania show that, between 2010 and 2011, Eugen Tomac awarded significant agreements to companies who sympathised with PDL and to multiple companies from the Republic of Moldavia.

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