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January 28, 2023

IICCMER accuses the former chief of Ramnicu Sarat prison

The Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism and the Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER) on Tuesday demanded the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Territorial Military Tribunal to start a criminal probe against the former commander of the Ramnicu Sarat prison, Alexandru Visinescu, for aggravated homicide.
The executive president of IICCMER, Andrei Muraru claims that he did barbaric actions and cannot escape responsibility. “Practically speaking, all the political prisoners detained at Ramnicu Sarat during the communist regime were subject to physical and mental torture following the decisions made by the commander of the penitentiary. All our pieces of evidence – testimonies of former political prisoners, details given by former subordinates or archive documents, show that Alexandru Visinescu is criminally responsible for the deaths registered at Ramnicu Sarat during his mandate,” the executive president of IICCMER said.
Investigations conducted these months by Institute officials identified several pieces of evidence which prove the fact that, while lt.-col. (r.) Alexandru Visinescu (now 88) was the commander of the Ramnicu Sarat penitentiary, respectively 1956-1963, political detainees were subject to a very tough regime of detention. According to the executive president of IICCMER, the extermination regime enacted by lt.-col. (r.) Visinescu is characterised by lack of food, medicines and medical care, punishments ordered for infringements of the regulation and the demises that occurred. Institute officialsd also accused that, during 1956 and 1963, five deaths were registered at Ramnicu Sarat, possibly to document, including that of PNT leader Ion Mihalache.
According to IICCMER, Alexandru Visinescu is the first on a list of 35 employees hired by the General Department of Penitantiaries (DGP) that had functions during 1950-1964. The people under investigation are between 81 and 99 years old and live in Romania. The project that unveils their crimes is conducted by IICCMER jointly with the online daily ‘Gandul’.
‘Gandul’ journalists tried to approach in the street the former prison chief, but he did not want to talk to them. Later, he cursed the journalists and reporters who were awaiting him in the street and had a violent reaction.

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