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September 23, 2020

Electrocentrale Bucharest, energy company with the largest debt owed to state budget

Approximately 20 energy sector companies are on the list of companies owing large debts to the state budget, a list compiled by ANAF at the end of the first half of this year, bursa.ro informs. These companies’ arrears total approximately RON 290 M, the biggest debt being owed by Electrocentrale Bucharest, namely more than RON 126 M, a sum that represents profit taxes that the company did not pay. Other energy sector companies that owed money to the state include CET Govora (RON 361,778), RADET Bucharest (approximately RON 6 M), Electrica (RON 19.5 M), as well as energy services companies in Dobrogea (RON 14 M), Banat (RON 18 M), Moldavia (approximately RON 37 M) and Oltenia (RON 717,444).
Another domain that stands out from the point of view of debts owed to the consolidated budget is that of transportation. Thus, the autonomous transportation administrations in Brasov, Bucharest, Craiova, Iasi, Timisoara and the Autonomous Public Transportation Administration total arrears of approximately RON 60 M. Air transportation continues to figure on the ANAF lists, the Blue Air and Carpatair airlines owing RON 11 M and RON 726,042 in arrears. Although CFR no longer figures as owing debts, other railway transportation companies have remained on ANAF’s list. Alstom Transport is listed as owing RON 202,202, having compensation requests in the process of being solved, while Transferoviar Group, which owes RON 4.3 M, and Remarul 16 Februarie, which is owes RON 1.6 M, both companies led by businessman Calin Mitica, received payment easements.
The fashion segment is not absent from ANAF’s lists either, renowned retailers such as Zara Bucharest (RON 222), Kenvelo Romania (RON 789,426) or Jolidon Import Export (RON 19.8 M) being among those owing money to the state. Other large companies present among those listed as having arrears to the state budget are Alexandrion Group Romania (RON 18.9 M), Aplast SRL (RON 3.7 M), Butan Gas Romania (RON 22,592), Electrificare CFR (RON 12.45 M), Microsoft Romania (RON 13.58 M), Nestle Romania (RON 1.2 M), Ro Star SA (RON 456,289), Rompetrol Downstream SRL (RON 121.5 M), Unirea Shopping Center (RON 1.5 M), Zaharul Oradea (RON 19.4 M), Dafora (RON 8.35 M) and Condmag (RON 4.54 M).

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