Exhibition about the Second Balkan War at National Museum of History, starting August 8

The exhibition is the most important museum and documentary event dedicated to the Second Balkan War and the Peace of Bucharest and will be open to visiting Wednesdays to Sundays.
The National Museum of History of Romania organises between August 8 and October 15, 2013 the exhibition named ‘1913 The Second Balkan War and the Peace of Bucharest,’ informs. According to the source, the event marks a century from the signing in Bucharest of the Peace Treaty that ended the Second Balkan War (10 August 1913). The events of the summer of 1913 had complex motivations and consequences and sparked many debates through the years. Both the war and the peace represented landmark moments for the history of this part of Europe, and Romania had a decisive role (a fact demonstrated by the decision to hodl the Peace Conference in Bucharest).
The exhibition ‘1913 The Second Balkan War and the Peace of Bucharest’ brings together an impressive volume of documents, photographs and postcards meant to provide a complex image of a controversial episode in Romania’s history. On this occasion, the public is invited to see highly valuable diplomatic documents, bearing the signature of King Carol I and of the country’s foremost politicians (including the original of the Peace Treaty), notes, telegrams and letters that reflect the diplomatic “fight” before during and after the end of the war and the restoring of the peace, battle plans, operative maps and military reports during the campaign waged south of the Danube. These documents are signed by personalities like Prince Ferdinand, Princess Maria, General Averescu, Titu Maiorescu, Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria etc.
Also on display will be postcards, posters, newspaper articles, letters and cables revealing the attitude of people and the state of mind regarding the events (mobilisation, military campaign, cholera and the end of the war).
The National Museum of History of Romania will contribute with several exhibits related to the 1913 moment: medals and distinctions, weapons, postcards, items that belonged to personalities involved in the events.
The exhibition is organised jointly with the National Archives of Romania, the Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Historic Service of the Army, the State Archives of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Military Archives, the National Film Archive, and will feature documents and images from the patrimony of partner institutions and from the Cristian Scaiceanu Collection.

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