Hayssam remanded in custody in embezzlement file

Friday morning, Omar Hayssam was transported to DNA to be questioned in relation to the privatisation case of the former IPRS (Company of Radio Parts and Semiconductors) in Baneasa.
Omar Hayssam was remanded in custody following the Bucharest Court of Law’s decision to approve the proposal submitted in this respect by prosecutors at DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism). The same preventive measure was applied in to Mohamad Omar, Omar Hayssam’s brother. The court’s decision is subject to appeal through the Court of Appeal in Bucharest.

Judicial sources told Mediafax that on Friday morning Omar Hayssam was transported to DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) to be questioned in relation to the privatisation case of the former IPRS (Company of Radio Parts and Semiconductors) in Baneasa. According to DNA, multiple falsified documents concerning the financial experience and ability of a company represented by Omar Hayssam had been submitted for the privatisation procedure of IPRS; the respective documents were mandatory in order to participate in the company’s privatisation.
Omar Hayssam has been definitively sentenced in three cases to 20 years, 16 years and 3 years in jail, respectively, for kidnapping three journalists, deceit in the “Volvo” case and fraud in the “Foresta Nehoiu” case. The Syrian was on trial for two other charges: fleeing from Romania and embezzlement. The investigations for the five cases were conducted by DIICOT prosecutors.
The DIICOT prosecutor, who was present on Friday at the Court of Law in Bucharest where the proposal to arrest Omar Hayssam in the deceit and embezzlement case was being assessed, showed that the Syrian was the leader of the criminal group, so a preventive measure was mandatory. The DIICOT representative also stated that Hayssam had been operating in an organised crime group for many years and he had been the hierarchical leader of the group, coordinating criminal actions. The prosecutor also pointed out before the court that the actions of the group in question pose a real social threat and, for this reason, a remand in custody warrant should be issued for the Syrian. Omar Hayssam’s appointed attorney replied that the prosecutors’ clues and evidence do not prove the charges brought against the defendant.

Hayssam admits being a terrorist but claims he has done good too

Omar Hayssam stated Friday before a judge at the Court of Law in Bucharest that the cases on which he has been charged prove that his being a terrorist is a “self-evident” fact; everyone has accepted it, while forgetting all the good he’s done – “5,000 new jobs”.

The Syrian refused to make a statement before the judge who assessed the remand in custody warrant proposed by DIICOT prosecutors in the deceit and embezzlement case. However, he showed off the record that he did not refuse to receive the indictment in this case, but only wanted an attorney of his choice to be present.

Hayssam also stated that he was visited by a few of his relatives on Thursday, but they could not find a “specialised attorney”. The Syrian explained that, in his opinion, finding the truth “requires work and a re-evaluation of this investigation” and the conditions in which witness statements were taken.

Omar Hayssam also pointed out that investigators framed him by means of ghost companies to which he was tied simply because he had been declared Romania’s number 1 terrorist. “Wherever there’s a ghost company, we should frame this terrorist with it. Let them prove that I had anything to do with it”, Hayssam stated.

On Friday, upon leaving DIICOT headquarters, one of Omar Hayssam’s appointed attorneys said that he had been informed on the new charges. The Syrian allegedly told the investigator he would collaborate and they have 20 minutes to talk. After a one-hour hearing, the Syrian was put into a van and escorted by special troops back to detention at Rahova Penitentiary.

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