Udrea: Right-wing parties including PNL without Crin Antonscu must agree on a candidate for 2014

PDL Deputy Elena Udrea stated Friday night that PDL, Partidul Miscarea Populara (People’s Movement Party), Forta Civica (Civic Force), PNTCD (Christian-Democratic National Peasants’ Party), and PNL – after Crin Antonescu is no longer party leader – must build a powerful political pole in the fight against PSD at the 2013 presidential elections. “I am not thinking of leaving PDL. I want to contribute to the unity of the right”, Udrea stated at Realitatea TV. The former Minister said it would be much better for the Romanian right to create this common ground, but personal projects must be set aside for this to happen. “Centre-right leaders must look at the wider picture and come up with a common candidate for the presidential elections”, Udrea emphasized. In her opinion, Antonescu is no longer a likely candidate for the presidency and “he knows it, his party knows it, the whole world knows it”. Asked to choose the most suitable candidate for the presidential elections in 2014 among herself, Vasile Blaga, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, and Monica Macovei, Udrea replied: “Anyone between them and someone else. (…) We must choose the candidate who is most able to get the necessary number of votes. It depends on PSD’s candidate. I believe PSD’s choice will be Mr Ponta”. On the side of the fence, PDL vice-chairman Ceza Preda claims that he is intent on making Elena Udrea choose whether she wants to stay with PDL or join Miscarea Populara. He says that the former Minister of Transport is unpredictable and it is important that everything be out in the open because people don’t like duplicity. “My colleague’s position (Udrea – editor’s note) also comes from the frustration of losing the internal elections, (…) but I thought she could get over it and move on, and I still do”, Preda stated for RFI.

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