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August 2, 2021

Regionalisation, reason for a new dispute between Basescu and Ponta

President Basescu says that it will not take place, while PM Ponta is convinced that the administrative reform will be done during this mandate.
After the dispute sparked by the urgent summoning of a CSAT meeting by President Traian Basescu last Friday, which was not attended by Premier Victor Ponta, another matter is bringing the two officials to the public attention with a new row. President Traian Basescu said that he does not think USL capable to achieve the regionalisation, “a giant with 70 pc in Parliament” that demonstrated its “limits,” appreciating that the coalition cannot generate “progress” because it has “a small dimension inside the majority and the lack of vision.” “I do not think it will be achieved, this giant with 70 pc in Parliament demonstrated its limits, it is incapable of generating progress for Romania. The administrative reorganisation and a modern Constitution that will simplify the state institutions, Parliament included, would have been the proof that this huge majority can overcome its small dimension inside the majority and the lack of vision. They proved that they cannot, unfortunately, and Romania lost an extraordinary opportunity, because it is very unlikely to have a 70 pc majority in the following electoral cycles,” Basescu said on Digi 24. The president added that minister Liviu Dragnea had a wrong start for the regionalisation process, because it started from top to bottom. “I saw ridiculous moments when county barons competed over who will be the chief of the region. This showed how little understanding they have of the need for administrative reorganisation,” the president mentioned.
He added that a process of merging communes and decentralised institutions should have started before the law of administrative reorganisation. Basescu was asked about the position of UDMR on the regionalisation. “I think that we are here in the area of the political game of UDMR.
I am convinced that nobody can oppose such a law given the administrative reorganisation is necessary, precisely in view of a correlated development. (…) We must observe their rights, but the right of the Hungarian minority are equal to those of the Romanian majority citizens. We do not create a country inside the country, they must understand this… and autonomy in Harghita, Covasna and Mures to the same extent as in Caracal and Constanta, they must understand it, because this is the Constitution and nobody will modify these provisions of the Constitutions,” he said. “This 70 pc majority that does not include UDMR could have ignored the moods of some Hungarian politicians, such as the ridiculous (politician) who demanded protectorate for Transylvania,” Basescu went on saying.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that regionalisation will be done during this mandate. “I, too, am trying each time to see Romania much stronger and more beautiful than we are used to comment every day. It is a country that went a long very way since 1990 and this is what notice mainly the foreigners who come seldom to Romania. We do not feel it. We are a country that suffered with mistrust. I never saw the Romanians really confident that we can be more prosperous, stronger, more respected in Europe and in the world. I believe that Romanians are more intelligent, adaptable and innovative than many others. I also believe that we have an extraordinary natural potential which we did not use. Sometimes, we robbed it, if I think of forests, or we left it unattended, if I think of other natural resources,” Ponta said in an interview with Digi24. On the same occasion, the premier also mentioned the benefits of regionalisation, but he could not say the number of regions Romania will be divided into. “We do not know, there are several projects. There is no unanimity and those who will seek unanimity will certainly fail. The solution is a reasonable majority and a respect for those who do not agree with the majority. Regionalisation is a project of Romania. I do not think that we must reinvent the wheel, nor should we oppose when it proves to be efficient. It will happen during this mandate, if you want me to be very political and diplomatic,” the premier stated.

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