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June 23, 2021

Vlad Tepes “comes back to life” in the Rockstadt Extreme Fest

The mix of music and culture goes on at the Rockstadt Extreme Fest, in a seminar that brings to the limelight a legendary character. Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes comes alive in the Rockstadt Extreme Fest, thanks to the works of literary history that are going to be brought to the viewers by the well-known author Vasile Lupasc, a press release informs. He will be present in the Festival with the project “ Stories from the time of Vlad Tepes”, a project that reconstructs the historic truth and includes the following works: the book “Crucified Between Crosses”, now in its sixth edition and often recommended by teachers as optional reading, the English version of the work “The Engraved Chest of Time” and the audio books “The Anger of the Bison” (read by Marcel Iures and Mircea Albulescu), “Guards at the Gates of Heaven” (read by Mircea Albulescu) and “In the Tatars’ Hell” (read by Marcel Iures).
Speaking about his passion to write and to restore the historical truth, the author said: “My passion for writing was born out of my passion for Vlad Tepes. Ever since I remember, I wanted to know everything about him”. Fortunately, the reactions after the first volume of “Crucified Between Crosses” were very encouraging. Only one year after its release, the book had already inspired the rock opera “Vlad Tepes” staged by Trooper and an absolutely fascinating theatre play with Mircea Albulescu and Ion Haiduc, among others.

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