Geoana backs administrative reform

After the row started on Monday by President Traian Basescu and PM Victor Ponta about the regionalization, Social-Democratic Senator Mircea Geoana said in a release that the regionalization represents a topic of national interest for Romania, “so that we should all bring our contribution in building it”. “The recent attacks on the regionalization process can do no good for Romania. The ones that speak about postponing regionalization by 10 years, until 2012, or criticize it from the sidelines, such as for instance President Traian Basescu, forget that regionalization is not something that has to do only with the USL, PDL or PNL, or the President. Regionalization represents a topic of national interest for Romania, in the building of which we should all get involved,” said Mircea Geoana, in a press release sent to Agerpres on Tuesday.
According to the PSD Senator, “the feeling that President Basescu is enjoying to just watch and not getting involved, waiting for the regionalization to fail, is very unpleasant, because it seems like the President is sacrificing the national interest on the altar of endless political disputes”.
“Romanians have already sanctioned the politics of scandal and conflict at any price. The President’s contribution must be constructive; he must help the citizens get united around a project on which Romania’s balanced development depends upon. Thus, his attitude is the same with being blocked in a continuous destructive activity that, after nine years in office, could leave no traces,” said the abovementioned release.
Moreover, Mircea Geoana said that regionalization “should have been done as early as in the moment when Romania adhered to the European Union, since it represents a very important topic from both the viewpoints of economic and administrative benefits it will bring to Romanians” and it was postponed for a long time “because of politicianist reasons”.

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