Poll: Romanians not interested in new Constitution

If, during fall, a new Referendum was to be held, the Constitution would not pass the popular vote, given that the validation threshold is 50 percent plus one. Only 38.8 percent of the Romanians would vote, according to the latest survey “Public Opinion Barometer – The Truth About Romania”, by INSCOP Research for the newspaper “Adevarul” during July 12-21, 2013. The survey was conducted on 1,055 people. Out of the Romanians who were questioned, 40.7 percent said they are still thinking if they will be voting, while 9.9 percent are sure they will not vote. Currently, a Referendum is valid if the turnout is of 50 percent plus one of the voters who are on the electoral lists. Through a bill that was passed in the Parliament on May 29, 2013, the Referendum Law was amended to reduce the turnout threshold from 50 percent to 30 percent. Yet, the same day, the opposition announced that they will attack in the Constitutional Court the draft on lowering the turnout threshold.
On June 26, The Constitutional Court of Romania has decided that the change of the Referendum Law in the sense of lowering the turnout to 30 percent is constitutional if it does not apply to the Referendums organized within one year from the date the law comes into force. Therefore, a Referendum that has a validation threshold of 30 percent may be organized only after one year from the coming into force of the law. In July, president Basescu asked the Parliament to reexamine this law on grounds that in its present form it does not provide sufficient representation.
31.4 percent of the Romanians consider that lowering the turnout threshold for a referendum, from 50 percent to 30 percent is a good measure that helps in the making some important decisions. Yet, there is a significant percentage of respondents, 43.7 percent, who consider that the lower threshold is a negative aspect that affects democracy. 24.9 percent of the questioned people chose a “don’t know/no comment” answer, that shows, according to INSCOP Research, a relative ignorance or a lack of understanding the measure, on the part of the voters.
Asked about the type of Parliament they want, 40.3 percent of the Romanians declared they are for a unicameral Parliament, so that decisions be made more quickly. 41.7 percent of the questioned people want a bicameral Parliament, because this way there’s a better control and the abusive decisions can be avoided.
According to INSCOP Research, the percentage distribution is influenced by current political sympathies, given that many of the USL voters chose the bicameral Parliament.

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