Blaga: I am not the advocate of exclusions. Udrea told me she will stay with PDL

PDL President Vasile Blaga said on Thursday that he had a meeting with Elena Udrea on Wednesday and that she declared her devotion towards the party and said she was not interested in any other political party.
“We had a discussion – I have no reasons to believe it wasn’t sincere – with Mrs. Udrea. She stated that she is devoted to the party and that she is not interested in any other political formation. I have told her that certain declarations of hers made some people unhappy and that I received the reactions of certain colleagues, a thing I am not very happy about. After all, these things should be discussed within the party,” the PDL leader said, on Digi 24. Vasile Blaga denied the existence of a black list of PDL, on which names like Elena Udrea and Alexandru Paleologu appear and he said that he is not the advocate of Party exclusions and that this subject is not on the meeting agenda of the leadership of the Party that is to take place on August 17 in Baia Mare.
“I didn’t refer to a certain person. I saw a huge misinformation (…) about the existence of a black list on which there was Elena Udrea or Theodor Paleologu. Mister Paleologu, acting as a child, hurried to give a response without asking his colleagues from the Standing Bureau,” said Blaga.
Blaga also said that PNL would participate in taking some measures that are inadmissible for a right wing party and that all these happen because Crin Antonescu’s only task is to win the presidential elections.

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