MPs make diplomatic faux-pas, MAE annuls Cernea’s diplomatic passport

The relationships between Romania and China could be seriously damaged after a Parliamentary delegation went on an official trip to Taiwan. Deputy Remus Cernea, PSD deputies Ninel Peia and Ovidiu Iane, as well as the democrat-liberal Costica Canacheu, landed in Taiwan to talk about relationships with our country.
The visit took place although the Romanian State only recognizes the People’s Republic of China as a legitimate representative of the Chinese people and cannot allow economic, political or any other relationships with Taiwan. The diplomatic blunder comes just weeks after Prime Minister Victor Ponta went together with a numerous delegation the Beijing to invite the Chinese invest in Romania. The leader of the Chamber of Deputies Valeriu Zgonea stated Thursday that “they will not” be sending new MPs to Taiwan; the legislative forum said the visit was not official, did not incur expenses and strengthened “the close cooperation and friendship relationship” with China. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs disapproved of the Romanian representatives’ (including MPs) visits to areas like Taiwan, and pointed out that Remus Cernea’s diplomatic passport was annulled. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated Romania’s standpoint on the “one China policy”, as well as the importance of maintaining special cooperation relations with the People’s Republic of China.

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