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February 5, 2023

Predoiu refuses to comment on the possibility to run for president in 2014

“Such a topic should not be discussed in public before it is debated within the party”, the former Minister of Justice stated for Realitatea TV.
Former Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu claims it is premature to discuss a scenario in which he would run for president at the 2014 elections and Traian Basescu would be Prime Minister. “No such discussions were had in the party up to now and such a topic should not be discussed in public before it is debated within the party. The topic is much too serious. In the last two years, I have noticed increasingly frequent discussions and witnessed hypothetical, almost whimsical discussions on the matter of holding the most important position in the Romanian state. One cannot have discussions in this manner on such a topic. In my opinion, the key would be a political party reform. That is where the problem lies,” Predoiu stated Wednesday evening for Realitatea TV.
On another note, the former Minister of Justice claims that only a few minutes after becoming Prime Minister, following the fall of the Mihai Razvan Ungureanu government, PM Victor Ponta offered to keep him as Minister.
“This is what happened: after the motion was announced, the PM approached me while I was in the meeting room and told me he wanted to keep me in the government. I told him it was not a possibility and it was too soon to talk about it anyway. It happened in the very few moments after the results of the censorship motion had been announced. I thought it was just euphoria. (…) He must have thought about it, since he reacted the way he did. Perhaps it was just the instinct of creating support within the government. He had been Minister before and knew one of the PM’s pillars is the Minister of Justice. Without a Minister of Justice who has your back, it is very difficult to be a Prime Minister,” Predoiu said. However, he pointed out that would not have managed to work together with Ponta and this was why he refused the proposition.
“It would have been inappropriate to say yes. I sent my reply through my PSD colleagues. It would have been a predicament. Members of the Ungureanu government were already bitter. All in all, I do not think we could have worked together. What followed proved I had made the right decision.”

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