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September 29, 2022

The story of the repatriation of Romania’s sole ancient papyrus, launched at the ‘Book in Sand’ Summer Fair

The story of how the only ancient papyrus ever discovered in Romania – at the site of the Callatis Citadel – was located, identified, recovered and repatriated was due to be unveiled yesterday evening, on the occasion of the launching event of the book named ‘The history of the sole papyrus discovered in Romania’ by Dr. Sorin Marcel Colesniuc, at the Mangalia Culture House, part of the 16th edition of the ‘Book in Sand’ (‘Carte la Nisip’) Summer Fair, Agerpres reports. The book gives a detailed account of how the papyrus was unearthed by Romanian archeologists in 1959 and why it was sent to Moscow more than half a century ago. The author also evokes his collaboration with scientist Dr. Ion Panzaru aimed at identifying and recovering the papyrus from the ‘I.E. Grabar’ scientific restoration center of Moscow, on 22 August 2011. The book (112 pages) is published by the CallasPrint house.

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