China hopes MPs who visited Taiwan will avoid repeating moves damaging China-Romania relations

Beijing opposes to visits by some representatives of the Romanian state to Taiwan, a zone not recognized by Romania, and expresses hope that the deputies, who visited recently Taipei, will become fully aware of the sensitivity of this issue, avoiding reiterating moves that would damage the bilateral relations, the press attaché of the Chinese Embassy to Romania, Zhang Zheng, told Agerpres on Friday. “Most recently, four Romanian MPs paid a visit to Taiwan, and this is something that the Chinese side not only does not want to see, but China opposes to it. And the Romanian society considers that it is against the upward trend followed by the relations between China and Romania,” said Zhang Zheng.
He characterized China-Romania relations as “friendly”, representing “the result of efforts and preoccupation of several generations from the two countries” and that is why they “should be particularly cherished.” The media on Thursday informed that four deputies, namely the independent Remus Cernea, the Social Democrats Ninel Peia and Ovidiu Iane and the Democrat Liberal Costica Canacheu recently traveled to Taipei. PDL MP Costica Canacheu stated on Thursday that he was in Taiwan on August 1-6, on a research visit, not an official visit, that being the reason why he did not ask for the Lower Chamber’s mandate. At the same time, MP Remus Cernea stated on Thursday, referring to the fact that the MAE rescinded his service passport following his visit to Taiwan, that he will obtain a diplomatic passport in the following days. Referring to his visit in Taiwan, he stated that he expects the issue to be treated “wisely.” Lawyer Iulian Urban stated for ziare.com that the use of a service passport you no longer are entitled to and that you should have returned the moment you no longer held the office is a crime and Cernea should get a criminal file for that.

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